Two years of stalemate coalition

On the occasion of the two-year existence of the governing coalition of CDU, SPD and FDP in Saxony-Anhalt, Dennis Helmich, state chairman of Alliance 90/The Greens Saxony-Anhalt, draws an interim conclusion:

“In the meantime, I have given up hope that the coalition will still awaken from its political coma by the next state election. ‘Stalemate coalition’ is probably the best title for this alliance.

The prime minister is deluding himself when he talks about ‘pleasant togetherness’ in the coalition. The political culture in the state parliament is at a low point, and that’s not just because of the radical right-wing AfD. There is a lot of rumbling in the coalition factions. Whether it’s the bumpy re-election of the prime minister or the once again botched election of a state data protection commissioner. The actually oversized coalition majority is not standing together.”

Helmich continued, “Yes, we are living through several crises at the same time. No one is to be envied who has to govern in such hard times. But that makes it all the more important for a government to tackle them decisively now and move the country forward. Climate crisis, inflation, economic slump, education crisis, staff shortages in almost every place – all these are huge challenges. Anyone who just sits around now, does nothing about it and always just rails against Berlin won’t solve any problems.”

Helmich concludes, “Saxony-Anhalt has great potential that remains untapped. The people deserve to be governed in a better way.”