Electricity price reform lowers energy costs in Saxony-Anhalt

Eine Glühbirne liegt auf einem Stapel von 50-Euro-Scheinen.

Madeleine Linke, state chairwoman of Alliance 90/The Greens Saxony-Anhalt, welcomes the ideas of the Federal Network Agency for a fairer distribution of costs for grid fees. In regions where a particularly large amount of renewable energy is generated, especially high fees for grid charges often still have to be paid at present.

“Saxony-Anhalt has been an export state for electricity from renewable energies for years. Other regions in Germany also benefit from the green electricity generated here from wind and solar. However, a fair distribution of costs is immensely important for the acceptance of the energy transition. I therefore expressly welcome the plans of the traffic light coalition to ensure a fairer distribution of grid fees.”

With the help of an amendment to the Energy Industry Act presented by the German government in June, the Federal Network Agency is to be empowered to initiate such an electricity price reform.

Linke commented: “The current system is out of date and can no longer be explained to citizens. If a region is particularly committed to the energy transition, it should be rewarded for this and not penalized by higher charges.

This reform is another piece of the puzzle to accelerate the energy transition. In a very short time, the traffic light coalition is making up for what was left undone or even sabotaged during 16 years of the CDU. The goal remains a climate-friendly and sustainable energy supply that ensures affordable electricity and heat in the long term.”