Working Groups

The working groups (LAGs, for “Landesarbeitsgemeinschaften”) of ALLIANCE 90/THE GREENS Saxony-Anhalt are responsible for developing Green party policies, as well as coordinating cooperation with non-partisan associations, initiatives and scientific institutions.

Party members, politicians with or without a mandate, but also interested parties and experts who are not members of ALLIANCE 90/THE GREENS work together in our working groups. The working groups advise the party committees.

The current meeting dates of the working groups can be found here.

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Education, Culture & Science

Everything to do with learning, from preschool to adult education, is the topic of this LAG: inclusion, school alliances, democracy education, education funding and human resources development, and much more.

Our ideas for the preservation and promotion of culture, colleges and universities are also discussed here.

Speakers: Magnus Stöppler


Democracy & Law

LAG Democracy and Law deals with constitutional and electoral law, the challenges of data protection and citizens' privacy, and the work of the police and law enforcement agencies.

The fight against crime and the penal system are other central topics of this LAG.

Special attention is also paid to combating right-wing extremism.

Speakers: Lara Marković, Till Stoye


Digital & Media

We are working intensively on digitization in the state and municipalities, the economy and society.

Important topics include broadband expansion, free wireless, net neutrality, use of open source, digitization in rural areas, data privacy, data security, open data, digitization in schools, digital administration, new media, etc. 

Speakers: Sabine Griebsch, Antje Buschschulte



Our goal is 100 % renewable energies. Our LAG is discussing how we can achieve this goal as quickly as possible. The agenda includes topics such as the electricity market, the Renewable Energy Sources Act, combined heat and power generation and the remunicipalization of the electricity grids.

The prevention of fracking and CO2 injection is also on the agenda, as is the phase-out of coal, which we Greens have been calling for for a long time.

Speakers: Martina Hoffmann, Peter Dittmann


Europe, Peace & International Affairs

The major cross-border challenges of the present and the future, such as the climate crisis, can only be solved in a united Europe. Our future lies in European cooperation instead of confrontation.

LAG Peace, Europe & International Affairs deals with issues of German and European foreign policy, the European Union, globalization, development cooperation, migration and refugees.

Speakers: Thea-Helene Gieroska, Miriam Matz, Josephin Winkler, Hans Geske



We, the feminism working group, are primarily concerned with equality issues such as structural discrimination and career paths for women, girls at school and at work, sexism, bullying and poverty in old age. Women's policy is also a way to achieve more justice in families.

We welcome interested people of all genders.

Speakers: Juliane Kucharzewski, Michelle Angeli


(Green) Economy & Finance

LAG (Green) Economy and Finance discusses what a sustainable economic policy looks like. Regional value creation, financial markets and the state budget are important topics discussed here.

Speakers: Andreas Gernegroß


Agriculture & Forestry

Our agriculture must have a future, so it must change. We want more organic farming instead of industrial livestock farming and are therefore working - in dialog with farmers - on the agriculture of tomorrow.

Sustainable forestry is the second major topic of this LAG.

Speakers: Dorothea Frederking, Doris Seibt


Rural Areas

Whether in urban or rural areas, whether in growing or shrinking regions: People must have the same opportunities to participate in society - regardless of where they come from, where they live or how much money they have. We want to create visibility for the concerns of rural areas.

Speakers: Nicole Walldorf, Christine Reimann


Mobility Transition, Vision Zero & Building

The central challenge of this LAG is the mobility of the future, the construction and maintenance of infrastructures such as rails, roads and cycle paths, but also topics such as e-mobility.

Speaker: Madeleine Linke



The preservation of nature and the environment is the central concern of the Ecology LAG.

The improvement of air and water quality, that of our nature parks and nature reserves and the preservation of biodiversity are particularly important to us Greens, because we recognize that we have only borrowed the earth from our children.

Speakers: Martina Hoffmann, Christoph Germeier



We Greens stand up for gender equality and we fight for equal rights for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, transgender and intersex people (LGBTTI).

We fly the flag against homophobia and transphobia and for the free development of each individual's life.

Speakers: Christian Franke-Langmach, Luna Möbius


Social Affairs, Health & Labor Market

Health and care, social cohesion, generational justice, support for children, social security, pensions and the labor market, and much more. - These are the topics that the members of this LAG deal with in order to find green solutions.

Speakers: Kerstin Rohkohl, Matthias Borowiak


Animal Welfare

Animals are sentient beings who, like us, can feel joy and contentment, but also fear and suffering. However, animals are often kept in a way that makes them unhappy. In order to provide a better life for the animals we keep, we will significantly tighten the legal regulations for animal husbandry to protect them.

Industrial factory farming is no longer sustainable - neither for the environment and climate nor for the animals. We want significantly fewer animals to be kept much better.

Speakers: ---