Minister Hüskens again blocks a nationwide student transit pass

Studierende gehen am Gleis entlang und reden miteinander.

On the occasion of the special conference of transport ministers meeting tomorrow, Thursday, Madeleine Linke, state chairwoman of Alliance 90/The Greens Saxony-Anhalt, states:

“For students in Saxony-Anhalt, the Deutschland-Ticket is currently still a bad deal. This is mainly due to a blockade by Infrastructure Minister Hüskens, who continues to refuse a uniform nationwide solution for students. We are therefore calling on the state government to take several steps to make the Deutschland-Ticket more attractive for students, among others.

Our main goal is a nationwide social ticket. However, as long as there are no uniform regulations nationwide, Saxony-Anhalt should introduce a Deutschland-Ticket as a social ticket for 29 euros. This ticket is to be available to recipients of Bürgergeld, social assistance, housing benefit and asylum seekers. The social ticket enables mobility for all those who can currently hardly (still) afford it.

First of all, there needs to be a regulation that offers all students an upgrade option from the student transit pass to the Deutschland-Ticket. As before, this option does not exist for students in Magdeburg. It must no longer be the case that students in the state capital have to pay for both in full if they want to purchase the Deutschland-Ticket. Talks between the student union and student councils and the transport operator have so far failed to produce such a solution; Minister of Infrastructure Hüskens must now act as a mediator.

At tomorrow’s conference of transport ministers, Minister Hüskens must finally give up her blockade of a nationwide 29-euro ticket as a student transit pass for all students! She alone prevented last in June an initiative of other Lands of the Federal Republic in addition. This ticket would be the introduction demanded by us into nationwide valid reduced Deutschland-Tickets for certain groups. We Greens strongly support reduced tickets for students, pensioners*, trainees and volunteers.”