“Where local politicians are threatened, democracy is also threatened!”

Ballenstedt im Harz von oben

After a series of damages and attacks on Green offices, a writing with a call for murder against Greens has now appeared on a clearly visible building wall in the city of Ballenstedt. In response, the state chairman of Alliance 90/The Greens Saxony-Anhalt, Dennis Helmich, states:

“This expression of disgusting hatred must not simply become the norm! The security authorities are called upon to do everything possible to apprehend the perpetrators. But also all democratic opponents should be aware of this: The hatred is not only directed against Greens, but against all people who stand up for an open, democratic and free society.

If this hatred prevents even a single person from their local commitment, then it is a damage for all of us! Where local politicians are threatened, democracy is also threatened!

Our society is in a state of flux in view of the numerous crises. We can see that very clearly. Those who stand up for democracy are increasingly becoming targets. The number of threats and attacks against Green local politicians has increased noticeably in recent months. The current low point is this unspeakable death threat against us Greens on a Ballenstedt house wall in the Harz county.”