CDU wants to end free choice of education

Dennis Helmich, state chair of ALLIANCE 90/THE GREENS Saxony-Anhalt, explains the demand of the CDU state parliamentary group presented today to introduce binding school career recommendations and thus make access to high school more difficult:

“This is a completely absurd idea. The CDU parliamentary group wants to restrict access to grammar schools in the future and thus patronise parents and their children. It would be the end of free choice of education in Saxony-Anhalt. What problem is this supposed to solve? We are already one of the federal states with the lowest proportion of secondary school leavers, with just 28 per cent.

The CDU parliamentary group obviously does not know how to solve the really urgent problems in education. If you want to achieve something for the skilled trades, you have to stand up for a higher quality of training, strengthen the vocational school landscape and pay apprenticeships appropriately.”