CDU must give up its blockade of the Economic Opportunities Act

Tomorrow, the mediation committee of the Bundestag and Bundesrat will meet on the Economic Opportunities Act. Alliance 90/The Greens are calling on the CDU to give up its blockade. It is currently unclear how the Saxony-Anhalt state government of CDU, SPD and FDP will behave in the Bundesrat. Dennis Helmich, state chairman of Alliance 90/The Greens Saxony-Anhalt, comments:

“The economy urgently needs the impetus provided by the Economic Opportunities Act. The law includes bonuses for climate-friendly investments, better depreciation options, higher flat rates in key areas of taxation and a general reduction in bureaucracy. A failure of the Economic Opportunities Act would be a missed opportunity for our federal state.”

Helmich continued on the blockade by the CDU/CSU: “If 18 business associations are now calling on the CDU and CSU to stop their unproductive blockade policy, this should give the CDU/CSU food for thought! If CDU/CSU continue to refuse to do so, we can only bitterly agree with the business associations. Because the political stance taken by Friedrich Merz’s CDU does not do justice to the current structural problems of Germany as a business location!”

In conclusion: “At this Wednesday’s meeting of the Mediation Committee, we are calling on both the CDU/CSU to end its blockade and Saxony-Anhalt’s state government to vote in favor.”