Federal budget: traffic light coalition proves ability to act

Dennis Helmich, state chairman of Alliance 90/The Greens Saxony-Anhalt, comments on the agreement of the traffic light coalition on the key points for the 2024 federal budget:

“The traffic light coalition is and remains capable of acting. Following the far-reaching ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court, it has succeeded in drawing up a new framework for the 2024 federal budget within just a few weeks. The budget strengthens climate protection, German competitiveness and social cohesion.

The traffic light coalition is keeping its word. The central projects from the Climate and Transformation Fund (KTF) will be retained. Funding for the Intel site near Magdeburg has also been secured.

Strong climate protection remains a core brand of this coalition. The CO₂ price is rising earlier than recently planned, while climate-damaging subsidies are being reduced. And the necessary investments in the railroads are coming!”

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