Thea-Helene Gieroska elected to the Green Party’s European list

Thea-Helene Gieroska, candidate from Saxony-Anhalt, was elected to 25th place on the list of candidates for the European elections by the delegates at the Green Party’s national conference in Karlsruhe yesterday evening. The European elections will take place together with the local elections in Saxony-Anhalt on June 9, 2024.

In her candidacy speech, Gieroska emphasized how important Europe is for the preservation of the environment: “The environmental movement in the GDR enabled me to grow up in a clean nature and in a democracy. This clean and healthy nature – just like our democracy – cannot be taken for granted. Just this summer, the right-wing and conservative parties in the European Parliament fought against the preservation of our livelihoods, which the Nature Restoration Law was supposed to protect. I want to fight for our good future. For a world that is not going to the dogs!”

Gieroska, who was born in Mecklenburg, wants to bring Saxony-Anhalt forward across Europe. “Saxony-Anhalt can do so much more. Is so much more!” she shouted to the delegates. She continued: “For almost nine years, I have lived in a federal state that is often the sad leader in negative statistics. With the Intel settlement, we will become the heart of the European Chip Act. Now our federal state can show its true potential!”

Candidate Gieroska and the Green state executive committee are now looking forward to the coming months of the election campaign with confidence. Gieroska: “I am grateful to be able to represent Saxony-Anhalt on this list and to campaign strongly for Alliance 90/The Greens in this federal state.” The state chairman of Alliance 90/The Greens Saxony-Anhalt, Dennis Helmich, added: “We have great confidence in our candidate and we are sure that she will run a great election campaign with her expertise, her big heart for Europe and her East German roots. As a state association, we will support her with all our strength!”

Helmich concludes: “We are also delighted that Anna Cavazzini and Erik Marquardt will be campaigning with us again.”

Cavazzini was elected by the delegates in 3rd place on the list and Marquardt in 8th place.