On the resignation of Sebastian Striegel as Parliamentary Managing Director

The green member of the state parliament Sebastian Striegel has today declared his resignation from the office of Parliamentary Director. The state chairmen of Alliance 90/The Greens Saxony-Anhalt, Dennis Helmich and Madeleine Linke, made the following comments:

“Sebastian Striegel has made himself in the past twelve years as a parliamentary director in an extraordinary way to the visibility of green politics in the Magdeburg state parliament. With him, the Green Party parliamentary group has always had a passionate parliamentarian with competence and expertise for this important task in the parliamentary business at its side. The establishment of the first parliamentary group after a long period of extra-parliamentary opposition from 2011, through Green government participation to renewed stabilization in opposition since the last state parliamentary elections in 2021, none of these phases of our state parliamentary group would have been conceivable without the immense contribution of Sebastian Striegel as parliamentary director. We are very grateful to him, on behalf of the entire state party, for the strength invested in this, the great commitment within civil society and the personal dedication in this role.

We are pleased that we will be able to continue to experience Sebastian Striegel in the next three years in the role of a competent and passionate expert politician for democracy, home affairs, law, digital life and religion.”