Poor state of bridges in Saxony-Anhalt

Alliance 90/The Greens are renewing their call for Saxony-Anhalt to focus on the preservation and rehabilitation of existing state roads and bridges instead of new construction. The state government is called upon to give priority to the repair and maintenance of bridges and to provide the necessary funds to ensure safe and effective operation. State Chair Madeleine Linke explains:

“As in Germany overall, it is also true here in Saxony-Anhalt that we must first rehabilitate the existing roads before even thinking about further expansion or even new construction. This is particularly true for the state roads, where every seventh bridge is in a problematic condition.

Further road expansion must also be viewed critically for reasons of climate protection. We already have one of the densest road networks in the world in Germany, and at the same time the transport sector is lagging massively behind climate protection targets.”