Commentary on the mayoral election in Raguhn-Jeßnitz

Commenting on the result of the run-off mayoral election in Raguhn-Jeßnitz, Dennis Helmich, state chairman of Alliance 90/The Greens Saxony-Anhalt, said:

“Already in the first round of voting two weeks ago, there had been indications of today’s success of the AfD candidate for mayor. However, there was still the justified hope of defeat, after all, about 20 percent fell to the two eliminated candidates from the CDU and SPD. Unfortunately, the hope for a different result was not confirmed.

In the end, the candidate of an extreme right-wing party received a narrow majority of voters. This is massively disappointing, as the office of a full-time mayor has now been placed in the hands of a representative of a party that relies on division, exclusion and backward-looking policies.

For us it is clear that there can and will be no cooperation with this mayor on any level. Instead, we will be there to draw attention when this mayor-elect turns against existing law in order to push through the agenda of his far-right party.

The democratic forces on the ground, in the district and in the state, on the other hand, must score points with understandable, unifying and solution-oriented policies.”