Intel is coming to Magdeburg!

Eine Hand hält einen Prozessor-Chip. Im Hintergrund ist die Altstadt Magdeburgs mit Dom an der Elbe zu sehen.

Intel is coming to Magdeburg. Europe wants to become less dependent on global supply chains and rely more on its own semiconductor production. Intel and the federal government want to invest more than 30 billion euros here in the coming years. Initially, two Intel semiconductor factories and a high tech park for suppliers are to be built. This will create thousands of jobs in the Magdeburg region for Intel itself and its suppliers. The labor market, science, culture and diversity will benefit considerably from the investment.

This largest single investment in Germany for decades also poses major challenges. That is why we are continuing to take a critical look:

  • ⚡️ For the power supply, grids and renewables must continue to be vigorously expanded.
  • 💧 The water supply is unresolved. Water is an increasingly precious commodity in times of climate crisis. We think Intel must also focus on water recycling!
  • 🚊 🚲 A huge parking lot on prime farmland is not the solution. In order for commuters to get from the city to the Intel plants and back every day, a new commuter train stop and the expansion of bicycle paths are needed.