Greens elect Nomayy Oweidi to the state executive committee

“The state executive committee is complete again” – that is one of the messages with which the Greens of Saxony-Anhalt left their 50th state party conference, which took place last Saturday in Magdeburg.
In the third round of voting, the delegates elected 40-year-old Nomayy Oweidi from Halle (Saale) as a member of the state executive committee. He prevailed against Susanne Otto from Allstedt (Mansfeld-Südharz) and Marc Böer from Magdeburg.

Oweidi works as a senior physician for emergency medicine at an emergency room. He focuses on the topics of human rights, emergency services, medicine and migration. In his bid, Oweidi emphasized that it was a matter of principle for him and that he wanted to “set an example and symbolize that we are diverse and that people with a migrant background can simply dare to be themselves”.