Refugee summit: Greens call for significant relief for municipalities

In the run-up to the conference of state premiers with Chancellor Scholz, Alliance 90/The Greens of Saxony-Anhalt have renewed their demand for better financial support from the federal government for the municipalities. Dennis Helmich, state chairman of Alliance 90/The Greens Saxony-Anhalt, explains:

“We expect much better and more coordinated support from the federal government. The municipalities must finally be relieved financially in the accommodation and integration of refugees. The signals from the Chancellor’s Office and the Federal Minister of Finance, which could be heard in the run-up, are by far not enough!

The search of refugees for protection and safety is their vested human right. We reject any weakening of human rights standards or border closures. They are not solutions to rising migration numbers and are not compatible with the values of the Basic Law and the European Union.”

Helmich concluded, “For orderly procedures based on the rule of law, it is essential that the burden be shared among many shoulders. We therefore expect Chancellor Olaf Scholz to advocate at the EU level for a binding and, above all, fair distribution of refugees within the EU.”