The Germany Ticket is here!

The Germany Ticket is here! 🎉🚆 Starting today, you can use it to travel all over Germany for a month on local public transport for just 49 euros. Discover new cities, meet new people and experience unforgettable adventures. We have compiled the most important facts for you here. 🌳🏰🚂

1️⃣ The D-Ticket costs €49 and is always valid for the respective calendar month.

2️⃣ It is only available as a subscription. However, this can be cancelled monthly.

3️⃣ The ticket is valid throughout Germany on public transport – from buses, streetcars and subways to trains – in each case in 2nd class. It is NOT valid for long-distance travel, i.e. IC or ICE trains, nor for long-distance buses such as FlixBus.

4️⃣ Children under 6 years of age may be taken along free of charge.

5️⃣ Bicycles and dogs require an additional ticket. Exception: In Saxony-Anhalt, you may continue to take your bikes free of charge on local trains and buses of the state network.

6️⃣ Many universities and colleges offer the option of upgrading your semester ticket to the D-Ticket. Unfortunately, there is no uniform regulation for this.

7️⃣ Existing subscriptions with your transportation company can still be used as before – upgrades to the D-Ticket are almost always quite uncomplicated. Just ask.

8️⃣ Apropos: It is best to buy the D-Ticket from your local transport company. This ensures that your subscription fees can also be used to maintain and expand the local public transport system.