Take to the streets for Feminist Fight Day!

Today, on Feminist Fight Day, we are taking to the streets all over the country!

The rights of women* are under massive pressure worldwide. We declare our solidarity with the women* in Iran, Afghanistan and many other places in the world who have been fighting for basic rights for months at the risk of their lives.

In this article we deliberately refer to women* or FLINTA*. Because a woman, that “is a person who identifies herself as a woman”, as our Federal Minister for Family Affairs Lisa Paus recently said. FLINTA* stands for women, lesbians, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender people.

For us Greens, feminism is all-encompassing and necessarily holistic. This means that we focus on people who are exposed to multiple forms of discrimination – for example because of their gender, their sexuality or their appearance. Kimberlé Crenshaw, an American law professor, coined the term “intersectionality” in the late 1980s. It is about understanding how different forms of inequality often interact and aggravate each other.